TFC is a place for everyone to connect, regardless of questions, doubts, backgrounds, or struggles. Our church is comprised of real people from diverse backgrounds who have experienced the transformational love of God and have come to worship God together.


Building Families. Serving People.

BUILDING FAMILIES: The building blocks of society are families. At TFC, we are giving families the tools they need to help them succeed as they grow and develop in their relationships. As we learn about God and build strong relationships with others, transformation happens!

SERVING PEOPLE: We are ministering to families and helping them with their everyday needs. We have a heart for the impoverished in our area and for those around the world. We look for opportunities to be a blessing here in The Valley through our partnerships with the cities, civic organizations and schools.


Connect • Serve • Grow.

CONNECT: Connecting with God is the very life-blood of Christianity. We also believe it is important to connect with other believers. Connecting with a community of believers helps us to encourage and support each other through hard times and to celebrate life together as we learn and grow.

SERVE: Serving is part of who we are because God’s church is more than just a building. We serve in our church, our city, and the surrounding communities because WE are the church, and we represent God to those around us. We strive to communicate the love of God by serving in our church and in our community.

GROW: Our growth track “Doing Life” has Church Life Classes and Community Life Groups. These are small group settings that provide the opportunity to build relationships and deepen friendships as we grow spiritually and live life together. We want to encourage you to find community, get to that next level and go deeper in your relationship with God. There are a variety of groups to help you grow and enjoy the fellowship along the way!


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